So, only took me a year … But I fixed my Tumblr. I know you’re excited. <3


    This right here is 3 minutes and 35 seconds of why I love the internet.

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    If you don’t have Amazon Prime… You have already missed out. Yesterday.

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    Best Gift Ever!

    So, for Fathersday my wonderful son Charlie got me a really cool gift. These are cufflinks made by Tokens and Icons out of official game used MLB Baseballs. So, as you can see in the picture, each cufflink has a MLB hologram, and also an ID that you can use to look up it’s authenticity. Well, MLB takes it one step further and actually gives you a date and inning that the item was used in. Cool!

    So, it turns out that mine were from a ball that was ‘Tossed into the crowd in the top of the 4th’ on April 12th, 2010 when the Phillies played the Nationals. (The Phillies won this game 7-4, Cole Hamels was the winning pitcher). 

    So, I thought to myself — How cool would it be, if with my MLB.TV subscription, I could pull up this game, watch the top of the 4th of that game, and possibly find my ball… There is no way that MLB.tv keeps game archives that far back.. Right?

    WRONG! Holy Cow! Mad props to MLB. Between the authentication, and the great game archives I was able to do it. I found my ball! What a special gift this is — and what a great fathers day memory. Thanks Charlie, and thanks MLB!!

    UPDATE: My wonderful wife Jaime just informed me that less than 12 hours before this game is when we found out she was Pregnant with Charlie. How awesome is that?


    Most aggravating thing about OSX?

    Finder. File management seems like a complete after thought. Man is it horrible.


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    If you don’t pay for Spotify… It’s an ad platform with a soundtrack.

  8.   A second McRib for only a dollar more? Um, hell yes please.

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    A second McRib for only a dollar more? Um, hell yes please.


    Amazing, My iPhone 4S will go from China to my front door in less than 48 Hours. Thats long enough to kill bird flu, right?